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"Whatever we end up doing in terms of compensation for employees is between us and the employees," Clayton says. "So there's no reason for us to share it with the rest of the world."

Football Boots Lotto

"Guests who pay with credit cards spend on average 25 percent more than guests paying cash. This results in higher tips and wages for our servers," Parasole tweeted. "Parasole Restaurant's success is built on taking care of our guests and our employees. The average tenure of our servers is between four and five years."

City Pages called Good Earth to ask about the issue but was directed to Parasole's corporate offices. Clickkeyword[Development+Kip+Clayton]" >Vice President of Business Development Kip Clayton declined to comment.

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people in the back of the house, the employer is not allowed to hold the money for somebody who wasn't there at the end of the shift to get his allocation," explains state Clickkeyword[Linda+Higgins]" >Sen. Linda Higgins, who cosponsored an amendment in the last session to make tip sharing more convenient for employees who wish to share their tips. "This would allow the employee to hold the money for the people until they come in the next day."

Some have pointed to Minnesota statute 177.4, subdivision 3, but that piece of legislation alone doesn't govern the rules, as Honerman and Drake point out. In fact, that section of state law focuses on protecting workers' rights to share their tips with their colleagues if they choose.

Football Boots Lotto

We put in another call to Parasole to ask if a live human being would be willing to talk to us in greater detail than these two tweets. We'll let you know if they get back to us. That's what restaurants pay. And yes, it is because servers get tips. Why should servers tips COST the restaurant money? Oh, I get it, they're the little guys and City Pages has to assume the worst on the part of big bad employers. But really if it costs 2 percent to process a credit card, which either reduces the establishment's profit or is accounted for in a higher menu price which ups the figure on which the tip is calculated, why should the owners then take a hit on tips?

Even though they were perfectly within their right to do so, Football Shoes Pictures

Football Boots Lotto

Parasole executives did not return a voicemail seeking comment be wondering whether the 2 percent pass along penalty is worth the public relations fiasco.

"When the servers share their tips with Nike Football Boots Black And Pink

Football Boots Lotto

In statements issued via Twitter, Parasole said its success is built on taking care of its guests and employees, then added that its servers are better off when customers use credit cards because they tend to spend more money than people who pay in cash.

"That's fairly commonplace," says Clickkeyword[Mike+Moberg]" >Mike Moberg, a labor attorney. "They're going to make sure the restaurant doesn't get shorted any money."

´╗┐Parasole dips into tips

Economics 101. Your friends in the govt. decide to punish banks because they think banks are making too much Football Boots Lotto money. They raise taxes on banks by passing legislation (Dodd Frank, champions of the left). Restaurants tell the minimum wage waitstaff that they will pay more from theirtips to cover the increased expense of credit card fees. Who gets hit the hardest? The minimum wage waitress working her way thru college by waiting tables three nights a week. Unfortunately, she is also the one who pays $20,000 a year to sit in a college economics class, taught by a $100,000 a year professor who tells her Nike Soccer Boots Nz

Football Boots Lotto

Football Boots Lotto

There's been a lot of chatter on Clickkeyword[Twitter+Inc.]" >Twitter over the issue, with a number of users questioning the legality of Parasole's decision to charge servers for their tips.

I wait tables at an independently owned restaurant and about a year ago the business decision was made that the restaurant would keep 1% of all your sales each evening to offest the cost. My opinion: all business should pass on their merchant fees to the customers by adding whatever they get charged to the transaction. If we want to change this market, we need to start with the consumer. Consumers will pay cash if it means a 3% discount. Businesses would have to band together and do it at once for it to be effective.

Football Boots Lotto

"People aren't tipping as much because the economy is bad," the server said. "Now they're asking us to take a 2 percent cut in income."

The waitstaffer City Pages spoke with says an official announcement was posted in the kitchen explaining that this change would affect servers at all Parasole restaurants, including Chino Latino, Uptown Cafeteria and Sky Bar, Clickkeyword[Il+Gatto]" >Il Gatto, and Manny's Steakhouse.

Restaurateurs "can take up to whatever the credit card company takes," explains Clickkeyword[James+Honerman]" >James Honerman of the Department of Labor and Industry.

Football Boots Lotto

that we are undertaxed and need more government regulation to make things "fair".

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