Football Boots Size 12

It's really neat for us moms to see all of the kids working together and supporting each other," says Monica. "They are keeping busy, working together and doing something good. It's so exciting to see them so passionate about something."

Dr. Cathy Subber, a local chiropractor well known for her passion for all things family oriented, is selling pins at her office, too.

Football Boots Size 12

Football Boots Size 12

Football Boots Size 12

For as long as she can remember, 10 year old Ava has had a passion for animals. That passion inspired Football Boots Size 12 her to create Pet Pins, a fundraising venture benefiting the Naperville Area Humane Society (NAHS). Pet Pins is the dream child and "new favorite activity of Ava, her brother and sister, her friend Ella and Ella three sisters." Together, the seven good friends design and assemble the Pet Nike Soccer Boots New Releases

"We just learned about Ava's fundraising efforts yesterday when she was at the shelter for the after school program," says Angie Wood, executive director of the Naperville Area Humane Society. "We were very impressed with her efforts."

´╗┐Passionate Young Animal Lovers Create Pet Pins Fundraiser

our gold standard," Monica beams.

Football Boots Size 12

The team plans to present its first donation to NAHS within the next two weeks. The staff at NAHS is excited and delighted about Pet Pins.

Football Boots Size 12

"The kids are so excited about it! We tell the kids what happens online each day. They are very aware of what's going on," Monica says. She adds that the kids' enthusiasm is still running high, and they plan to keep the effort going as long as there is interest in the community.

"My daughter, Ava, has loved animals for as long as I can remember," shares Ava's mom, Monica Sampias. "She is currently taking the afterschool class on Mondays at the Humane Society. Every night since the class started, Ava has viewed the NAHS website to check on all of the animals she met! Ava told me she wanted to do more and started feverishly brainstorming! Her siblings and friends joined in, and together they started Pet Pins less than a week ago."

Pins a new generation of the popular 80's friendship pins and sell them to benefit Ava's favorite charity.

"It has taken off more than we could have imagined," Monica says proudly. "We've had a special order for pins for birthday goodie bags. We even had someone from Iowa request Pet Pins in University of Iowa colors!" Their most popular design is Ava's first, which features a paw print. "It's Soccer Boots 2015

Football Boots Size 12

Football Boots Size 12

Monica admits that she and the other parents of the young entrepreneurs "are all in awe of the outpouring of support for what these kids are doing!" During the first few days, Ava was so excited, she even had trouble sleeping. During their first week, the team raised over $300 by selling door to door and to friends. Pet Pins are sold for $1, and a keychain can be added for 25 cents. The kids design and assemble every pin that is sold.

Football Boots Size 12

In an effort to teach the kids about fundraising, Monica's cousin, a banking professional with fundraising experience, has even offered to match the sale of the first 200 Pet Pins with a $0.25/pin donation.

As Pet Pins quickly grew in the days following its inception, Monica and Ella's mom, Theresa in an effort to encourage their kids' enthusiasm created a Facebook page, email address and PayPal account to support Pet Pins.

Football Boots Size 12

Football Boots Size 12

She admits that it's a bit overwhelming, too. "We expected Grandma and Grandpa [to buy pins], but to have strangers and people from other states purchase pins, it's incredible!"

"They are the creative directors," she explains. "Cole's job is to make Nike Football Boots Black And Blue

sure the girls make enough boys pins!"

Football Boots Size 12

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