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´╗┐Parasite Drag at Shakespeare Company

Gene (Josh Aaron McCabe) is a devout man, a minister who is rigid in his ways and unwavering in his beliefs. He is married to Joellen (Elizabeth Aspenlieder) who because of life with an emotionally and sexually dead man is weary of life and her marriage.

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Emotionally the actors are always in a rage either smoldering or explosive which makes the calmer scene seem to exist Nike Soccer Cleats Neon Green

and his young wife Susie (Kate Abbruzzese). Ronnie is a drifter. He's a rough independent man who clearly hates his brother and almost everything else. Susie is a free spirit with a crude mouth and a sensitive heart and is not Soccer Cleats New

It's emotionally draining, physically exhausting, filled with rough language and sexual frankness. "Parasite Drag" is not for the squeamish but it can be a cathartic experience as the characters revisit their Football Boots Sports Direct Junior past to try to come to grips with who they are in the present

Stephen Rothman's direction is as erratic as the material. He only seems concerned with emotional crescendos and while those moments are powerful, the quiet moments need to be more reflective in order to make the audience realize the play is not about strangers but rather it is about every sad soul who has had their childhood stolen from them.

especially bright.

The females are dreadfully underwritten, especially Susie. While Aspenlieder has some great moments as the frustrated wife, Abbruzzie must settle for creating a likeable character who has little to do. She does this exceptionally well.

They get an unexpected visit from Ronnie (Jason Asprey), Gene's older brother Football Cleats Black And Gold

Nonetheless, when "Parasite Drag" works it is powerful theater that will make you cringe. When the language is at its best it denies you the ability to close your ears or avert your eyes. It is powerful stuff that is as compelling as it is brutal.

only for exposition. Though the characters have been drained of feeling there is a need for some sincere emotions that might somehow connect these desperate characters with the audience.

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The performances are excellent. Asprey is intense as Ronnie and gives on his finest performances as a man who can no longer deny his memories nor run away from them. He gives a, courageous performance that is as exciting as it is honest. McCabe is his foil. Because Gene is so repressed the role is less flashy and he has the more thankless role. But because of McCabe's steady work, Asprey's role would not be so effective.

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The story tells of about two brothers who after a long feud reenter each other's lives as their sister lies dying in a hospital. Her death is simply the period on an abusive life that caused her and her brothers constant pain and suffering. Indeed, as we discover more about the brothers, we learn both have been emotional dead for a number of years themselves.

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Ultimately the play is about how a vile father destroyed his three children beyond repair. As one horror after another is revealed it become clear why these people are so damaged. However, their damage is so specific to their lives it is tough to take away any message more than some people had horrid childhood and pay for it as adults.

That said, playwright Mark Roberts tries a little too hard to be shocking. There is an f word overload and a scene of simulated sex that though done without nudity seems to be included for the sake of pushing Berkshire boundaries.

LENOX, Mass. If you've missed edgy, bold and dangerous on summer stages you have until Sunday to get to Shakespeare Company to see "Parasite Drag." It is one of the most exciting plays of the summer season.

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