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SAN BERNARDINO >> Mayor Carey Davis didn waste any time moving toward charter reform on his first day in office but he didn rush, either.

the committee is singled out in a discriminatory manner and given a tight deadline or they forfeit their position. No other representative is given such a deadline or threatened in such a manner. resolution provides for one representative from either the police, fire or general employees union to be chosen within two weeks of the resolution passage, with the chief of police or his designee filling the position if the deadline is missed.

For instance, Councilman John Valdivia calculated that based on the criteria now in the resolution, nine of the 13 positions on the committee could be filled by Soccer Shoes Cool

Football Cleats For Kids

Charter change must be approved by a citywide vote and can be put on the ballot by a commission (not committee), a voter petition or the City Council. To be on the November 2014 ballot saving money compared to a stand alone election state law requires a City Council vote no later than Aug. 4 and hold a hearing by July 21.

Football Cleats For Kids

Some residents and observers of the city have long pushed charter reform, saying certain provisions of the document such as the section determining how police and firefighter pay is set and making certain positions elected rather than appointed hold back the city.

Football Cleats For Kids


Charter reform has been considered before, most recently in the wake of the city 2012 bankruptcy filing. The most recent change approved went into effect in 2006, with voters shooting down suggested charter amendments in 2000 and 2010.

´╗┐Panel for charter changes proposed in San Bernardino

Both the importance and the controversy behind charter reform was among the first words spoken at Monday council meeting, during the speech by the first person to be sworn in.

Football Cleats For Kids

Football Cleats For Kids

Other positions residents, business representatives, a representative of the city attorney would be appointed by the mayor or City Council members, and the committee would be led by an as yet unspecified specialist in the area of City Charters who will be paid up to $30,000.

conferring with the city attorney it clear that the language of the resolution needs some work, Davis said, in conferring we have discovered that the title needs to be changed from a citizens commission to a citizens committee. state law, a commission must be formed by the voters, said Senior Assistant Attorney Jolena Grider. at City Hall.

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Others have passionately defended the 46 page charter, saying suggested changes are politically motivated and amount, for instance, to an attempt to lower public safety pay to a level that wouldn attract quality employees.

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seems inappropriate given that the city charter is a local control document, Valdivia said. addition, the employees representative on Soccer Shoes Vs Baseball Cleats

action is critical, said charter reform advocate Jay Lindberg, who lives in a pocket of county land within the city.

Football Cleats For Kids

Those arguments didn directly surface Monday, but early objections indicated the importance that who on the committee will have on what it recommends.

Football Cleats For Kids

Football Cleats For Kids

Studies associated with those considerations should be looked at again now, said Roxanne Williams, a resident and member of a group called Save San Bernardino that advocates charter reform.

The City Council was set to approve creation of a committee to recommend charter changes, which office of mayor has indicated (as) a priority, according to documents provided along with the agenda of Monday meeting. The intention would then be for the City Council to choose whether to put those suggested changes on the November ballot.

all really do need to jump on this thing while the fire is hot, because if you delay it Football Cleats For Kids a little bit here and a little bit there just to get all the ducks in a row, something is going to crash this thing, Lindberg said, saying he seen that happen repeatedly over the past 20 years. way too many vested interests.

Football Cleats For Kids

Football Cleats For Kids

Football Cleats For Kids

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