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Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

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The fact that they are a traditional southern family may indicate the traditional expectation of you funding the honeymoon. However, now days people do not stick to those traditions nearly as much so you may be worrying for nothing. Until you get it out in the open you won know what everyone is thinking, talk to them and find out. Once you know then you can begin to plan and if you do so with their involvement there will be less chance of offending anyone.

Share Abuse It is not my understanding that, these days, a groom parents are to pay for the couple honeymoon. Paying for the rehearsal dinner, like you are planning to do, is traditionally the part of the groom parents. It is a lovely gesture that you are also throwing a party, the day after the wedding.

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Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

How much does it cost to honeymoon in the poconos? Me and my Nike Football Shoes Trainers

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

However, pay close attention to the word historically (and even traditionally). Both historically and traditionally, weddings were different than they are today.

Reason: typoTraditions have been watered down over time and what is expected and acceptable now is quite different from what was expected and acceptable years ago. Rules of the wedding and finances are no longer the same as they once were. In the old days, yes, the parents of the groom did pay for the honeymoon.

I did a little bit of research on the internet, looking for wedding etiquette rules that would apply to your situation. The only things that I found, that a groom family is traditionally responsible to pay for, is the rehearsal dinner and the groom cake, should they choose to have one at their wedding.

Do the groom parents pay for the honeymoon? My son is marrying into a traditional southern family. I don want to offend anyone in my future daughter in law family but money is extremely tight right now. My son and his fiance are making more money than us. Her family is paying for almost all of the wedding, we are taking care of the rehearsal dinner and a party the day after the wedding. Do we also pay for the honeymoon? Who chooses where to go? There haven been any demands on their part, by the way, and my son fiance is a wonderful, very easy going girl. I just want to do the right thing. Thanks for your help!

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Once the couple is engaged, does the bride family contact the groom family first? The bride and groom families have never met. now they are engaged, does the bride

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

Traditionally yes you would pay for it, but if they make more money than you they really should pay for it themselves. There are no modern rigid rules. Talk to the bride and groom.

Today, it is common for the bride and groom to NOT be living with their parents, and sometimes they even move in together before they are married. In my opinion, neither parents should pay for any part of the wedding, and if they do, it should be considered as the wedding gift.

Weddings today are more modern due to realities, while still remaining "traditional" in some areas. These realities would include financial constraints. There is no reason for anyone (all parties involved) to break the bank in order to throw a lavish wedding and/or honeymoon. You should only contribute what you are able to contribute.

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

I think that paying for a honeymoon would be considered a huge gift, rather than a responsibility. Most couples pay for their own honeymoons, or use honeymoon gift registries to cover the travel costs. If you are feeling uncomfortable about the expectations of the bride parents, and also those of your son and his bride to be, I would suggest that you just check in with them about it. You might not want to bring up the idea of paying for the honeymoon, but it might be nice to tell them to let you know if there is anything else that you can do to help with the wedding costs.

We are the groom parents and are hosting the civil ceremony. how should we word the invitation? is it proper to include rsv.

Traditionally, and historically, it is/was the responsibility of the groom parents to pay for the honeymoon, yes.

family as you head towards your son wedding!

fiance are looking for a cheap place to honeymoon and we heard the the poconos is.

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

Weddings and ettiquette Whose family pays for the wedding, the bride or the groom family? and whose.

Based on the way you describe the dynamics with your future daughter in law and that of the future in law side of the family I would say you would be safe to broach the topic with your son and future daughter in law. Honesty is always the best policy. If you are tactful and approach them Nike Soccer Boots Yellow

Today, it is customary that both the bride and the groom have good paying jobs before they decide to tie the knot. Back when traditional weddings were taking place, the couple was only just ready to enter into the world.

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

Who announces the engagement? What is the groom parents role?

´╗┐parents pay for the honeymoon

to discuss it you will most likely relieve the pressure you feel, any worries you may have, and you will be able to be open and know what is expected of you from their point of view. I would suggest having an idea or possible plan to help them if they expect it and having a respectful way to explain the impact on your own personal finances should they expect you to fund the honeymoon.

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

If you still want to rely on "tradition" (Dark Ages), then yes, it is the Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7 groom parents who pay for the honeymoon.

Both historically and traditionally, when the bride wore white, the color did depict virtue. This is not the case anymore.

Nike Football Boots 2017 Cr7

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