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It is unclear when she will stop by those sites, or where she'll head afterward. Palin is expected to head to New Hampshire in the coming days, her first trip to the early primary state since the 2008 campaign.

Though Fox News captured Palin saying, as she got off the bus at one stop, that she thought a Republican could beat President Barack Obama in next year's election, she has done little to encourage belief that the trip is a precursor to a 2012 run of her own.

isn't a campaign bus, Palin said, according to reports. is a bus to be able to express to America how much we appreciate our foundation and Nike Football Cleats 2017 to invite more people to be interested in all that is good about America and to remind ourselves we don't need to fundamentally transform America, we need to restore what's good about America.

Nike Football Cleats 2017

Nike Football Cleats 2017

Sunday afternoon, following a brief ride at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally. From there, it was to George Washington's home at Mount Vernon, where reporters following Palin were able only to snap pictures of the former Alaska governor from a distance.

Nike Football Cleats 2017

Van Susteren was traveling with Palin on Monday and was to conduct an interview inside the One Nation tour bus. Coale, who set up Palin's political action committee in 2009 and serves as an informal adviser, was spotted with the Palin family at Mount Vernon.

But even Van Susteren doesn't seem to know what Palin's up to next.

Nike Football Cleats 2017

bet you a dime to a dollar her visits to those areas are not proceeded by courtesy phone calls to the local Republican Party chairman and request they generate volunteers, Rove said. will announce her schedule and show up.

Day 2 of Sarah Palin's bus tour, and the former vice presidential nominee prompted a little more than confusion over exactly what she is up to.

Palin went to the Archives after unannounced visits to monuments and other landmarks in the nation's capital on Football Cleats Pictures

Nike Football Cleats 2017

Nike Football Cleats 2017

´╗┐Palin makes noise heading to NH

her blog Monday. were told to check their website for any information they are releasing. He said they don't want the media following them, and that includes us. bus left Washington headed north along I 95 toward Baltimore and Philadelphia. The former Alaska governor stopped at Fort McHenry along the Baltimore harbor. Palin was expected to stop by the Civil War battlefields at Gettysburg and Antietam, as well as the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.

Nike Football Cleats 2017

have had no contact. I question the value of the by some candidates, Pennsylvania GOP Chairman Rob Gleason told POLITICO.

which updates with information only after she's stopped somewhere.

Indeed, Twitter is about the only way to follow the former Alaska governor unless you're Fox News host Greta Van Susteren or her husband, John Coale.

Nike Football Cleats 2017

CNN reported Monday that some of Palin's supporters had already started to gather midday at Gettysburg in hopes that she might be on her way. But by then, Palin's bus was rolling into Mount Vernon, instead.

Palin started Memorial Day at the National Archives in Washington, but the only reporters who made it to her brief media availability there were those who happened to see tourists posting on Twitter that they had spotted her.

The lack of information is irking many GOP leaders in the states Palin is expected to visit.

Nike Football Cleats 2017

Nike Football Cleats 2017

producer, who talked to someone who works with her in order to set up the interview, told me last night that he would not tell her, Van Susteren posted on Football Boots In Pakistan

For supporters and reporters looking for more details, Palin isn't providing them. Palin's staff has been unresponsive to reporters' requests or told them to check the SarahPAC website, Soccer Boots 2017 Messi

Nike Football Cleats 2017

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