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´╗┐Parents want bus stop moved to protect Middletown children video

Richardi was not made aware of the visit at the time, Schroeder said.

Haynes and Superintendent Michael Frechette both visited the stop after the visit made by Dattco and came up with the same recommendation: the proposed stop is not a safe solution.

Following Tuesday night's Board of Education meeting, at which three fathers spoke out about the stop, Loomis said he was informed via email that the board was ignoring his letters because he is not a parent of any of the students that waits at that bus stop, so he doesn't have standing to ask for a hearing regarding the change of locations.

Currently students stand on the front lawn of a house Nike Soccer Boots 2015 Hypervenom Indoor

Milardo said the current stop is safe and does not violate the school board's policy. Schroeder also said she didn't find anything wrong with the current stop during her visit.

Soccer Boots For Youth

Following his visit, Aresco sent McMahon a report requesting that it be changed. In his report, Aresco noted that the current stop has no sidewalks where the children can wait for the bus.

Other parents say Loomis wasn't the only one ignored. The board told other area parents that they did not follow the proper protocol and that is why the transportation committee did not add their claim to its agenda.

Soccer Boots For Youth

Soccer Boots For Youth

"Our recommendation is that this bus stop be moved to the corner of Trailside Crossing and Crystal Lake Road. Children waiting for the bus will be off the roadway, as there are sidewalks on Trailside Crossing. Additionally, there is enough room in the cul de sac of Trailside Crossing for a bus to turn around," Aresco wrote in his report three weeks ago.

The transportation manager, Milardo, said he and two Dattco employees inspected the location in August. During their visit, terminal manager Kate Schroeder deemed that the requested stop was not possible because it would be too difficult for a bus to turn down Crystal Lake Road.

"They're waiting in the road," she said.

"It would be a dangerous situation," she said.

Giuliano, Acting Police Chief Patrick McMahon and traffic supervisor Sgt. Scott Aresco visited the stop in September, Loomis said. All three deemed the current stop unsafe for children, Loomis said.

"That claim is ridiculous," said Craig Byrd, a local parent. "Regardless if he is a parent or a grandparent, grandparents are caregivers as well."

"It is not a safe situation," said Mark Loomis, a write in candidate for the school board. "(Students) Nike Pink And Black Football Boots

the issue, but they have gotten nowhere, Loomis said. A petition with 10 parent signatures was sent to the board and Mayor Sebastian Giuliano's office, and Loomis said the board ignored them.

"No one ever told us that before," Loomis said. "This is has been going on since August."

Loomis's five grandchildren catches the bus at that location, he said.

Soccer Boots For Youth

on the corner of Prout Hill Road. However, the resident has requested that they not stand on her property and students are forced to stand in the street. Aresco said this will become an issue, especially in the winter months.

Loomis said Haynes told him she was handling the issue and was waiting for a report from Dattco following their visit.

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literally have to wait for the bus in the road. there are no sidewalks."

"There are so many other kids on this street," she said. "Right now 11 children use this bus stop, but there are younger ones who will use this stop in a few years. It's not safe."

The issue is not about anything more than making sure students are out of harm's way while waiting for the school bus, said parent Soccer Boots For Youth Micky Latina.

Soccer Boots For Youth

Frechette said when he tried to turn onto Crystal Lake Road, he had to wait for a car leaving the road before he could make the turn.

Soccer Boots For Youth

"Although the turn for the bus is tight, it is doable," he said. "We know this because Fire Chief Ross signed off on the Trailside Crossing development a couple of years ago, certifying that fire trucks can indeed make that turn. If a fire truck can do it, a school bus can."

Soccer Boots For Youth

"Trying to fit a 27 passenger bus onto that road would be difficult," he said.

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Byrd said his wife sent letters to both Transportation Manager Michael Milardo and Haynes and "never was the protocol ever mentioned." Haynes did not return several phone calls seeking comment Wednesday.

Crystal Lake Road is too narrow and isn't wide enough for a bus to turn on, Schroeder said.

Near the beginning of the school year, parents started to send letters and contact the board to inform members about Soccer Cleats Size 5

When Loomis contacted Dattco and spoke with Billie Jo Richardi, of the safety department, Richardi informed him she never received a request for a report.

According to school officials, parents who have a student that uses that bus stop must send a letter to Business Manager Nancy Haynes in order to request a hearing with the transportation committee.

MIDDLETOWN Parents trying to get the Prout Hill/Crystal Lake Road bus stop changed to a "safer" location at the intersection of Crystal Lake Road and Trailside Crossing are not giving up on their efforts, even though the Board of Education and Dattco have deemed the current stop "safe."

Latina said her daughter will be old enough to walk to the stop by herself in a few years, but she won't feel comfortable sending her alone because the stop isn't safe.

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