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AT contractor will be asked to request the Village Board send the matter back to the Zoning Board of Appeals to consider design changes. Primarily, cables may be required to be buried underground and hidden from sight, rather than running down the side of the building, Wilson said.

"The science is inconclusive whether or not it's a health threat and we feel comfortable relying on the (Federal Communications Commission) regulations concerning this type of equipment," Wilson said.

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That was not the news Ellen Kaufman wanted to hear. She and her family moved across the street from the Centennial Recreation Complex four years ago. She said she has read about European countries that are starting to remove cell towers from dense, urban areas due to radiation that may cause cancer.

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200 feet above ground.

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She said the $3,000 per month the park district looks to collect from the cellular provider may pale in comparison to the loss in revenue if people stop using the facility out of fear.

"Our board Soccer Cleats Sole has decided that we want to go back to the petitioner of the zoning variance to work on some changes to make it more aesthetically pleasing to the neighbors," Wilson said.

"As with all forms of electromagnetic energy, Soccer Cleats High Ankle

"If we discovered there was a risk we'd rather not have it so close to homes and a building that children are in every day," Kaufman said. "But if it turns out that is not that case that is still a perception.

A mounting backlash in the form of e mails and telephone calls prompted park commissioners to reconsider the tentative contract, which requires approval of a zoning variance from the village board, Wilson said.

´╗┐Park District responds to aesthetic complaints

But the Village Board's decision may be postponed if the request returns to the Zoning Board of Appeals for consideration of an altered aesthetic design.

also be a negative effect on neighbors' home values because of the cell tower, she added.

Amid concerns that patrons of the recreation facility many of whom are children may be at increased risk of radiation based cancer, park commissioners also discussed health concerns related to the cell tower.

"People won't buy property there because they're concerned about it," Kaufman said.

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At a Jan. 19 meeting of the Zoning Board of Appeals, members were split 3 3 on issuing a variance to the cellular provider to install the tower. That results in a negative recommendation to the Village Board, which was expected to hear the issue at its Feb. 8 meeting.

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Soccer Cleats Sole

The FCC Web site provides information about possible safety risks. It says most cellular towers are 50 Nike Football Shoes 2014 Ronaldo Black

Soccer Cleats Sole

In fact, she and her husband wouldn't have moved there had a cell tower sat atop the recreation facility across the street, she said.

During a recent Financial Planning Committee meeting, the board discussed concerns raised by neighbors and patrons about a proposal from AT to install a 9 foot tower on the roof of the Centennial Recreation Complex, 2300 Old Glenview Road. The tower would rise 55 feet above the ground, atop the ice rink's 46 foot roof, said Steve Wilson, park district executive director.

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"Because of that it seems way too big a risk," Kaufman said. "There are children in that building every day. The community does not want this here."

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Responding to residents' concerns, the Wilmette Park District board decided that a possible cancer risk by installing a cellular tower atop Centennial Ice Rink is scientifically unsubstantiated.

the power density from a cellular or (personal communications service) transmitter rapidly decreases as distance from the antenna increases," the FCC Web site says. "Consequently, normal ground level exposure is much less than the exposure that might be encountered if one were very close to the antenna and in its main transmitted beam. Measurements made near typical cellular and PCS cell sites have shown that ground level power densities are well below the exposure limits recommended by RF/microwave safety standards used by the FCC."

"I think that the fact that there's a community pool right there, so many camps are there over the summer, I think the park district will be very surprised if people decline to use services over there," Kaufman said.

Soccer Cleats Sole

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