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The home is also a sanctuary where people can remember her parents, Robert and Beatriz, who were shot and killed in their San Antonio home in December. She said she always feels the presence of her parents and her sister.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

After Paige died, Snyder and his wife Nona purchased the home in Port Mansfield. They donated it to Trinity Oaks, a non profit organization he and his wife founded, for the purpose of renovating it into Paige's Place.

She hesitated a moment, standing next to her uncle, Tom Snyder, then cut the ribbon with a giant pair of scissors, formally dedicating Paige's Place on Saturday in honor of her sister who died of leukemia two years ago at age 17.

He's hoping many military veterans, to whom he refers to as "heroes," will use the facility. He's also reaching out to local churches, children's homes Soccer Boots Latest

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

The dedication Saturday was festive with the band Last Pursuit performing "Good Hearted Woman," "Amarillo By Morning" and other well rehearsed cover songs. Across the street, people lined up for plates of barbecue, and inside the house people ate on long polished wooden tables or sat casually on couches with black leather upholstery. Others explored the four rooms now furnished with bunk beds cloaked in Nike Soccer Boots Hypervenom Phantom

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

"I know my mother would want me to keep pushing forward and make something out of my life," said Vela, who works as an electrician in Corpus Christi.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

The idea for a house where the handicapped could go fishing came in the last few months of Paige's life when she was confined to a wheelchair, said Tom Snyder, who was born and raised in Harlingen. She still wanted to go fishing. Snyder, also an uncle to Paige, and the rest of the family came to the Rio Grande Valley and looked everywhere but they couldn't find a pier that was wheelchair accessible. They ended up renting a boat where she fished and watched dolphins.

One of those enjoying a plate of barbecue was Roger Vela, Paige's half brother.

and youth groups to benefit from the facility, which can accommodate almost 20 people. There's no charge.

"They're very comfortable," said Rebekah Csabi, 20. She and her sisters Rachel and Alexandra hadn't seen Paige since the Snyders moved to San Antonio many years ago, but their parents Nancy and Bob Csabi had kept in close touch. Beatriz Snyder had worked as a legal secretary for Bob Csabi, an attorney.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

Some of Paige's childhood friends were sitting on a bed in one of the rooms. The comforters were pink and blue plaid print, and at Soccer Shoes Spikes

"My parents wanted this to work out so well," Brooke said.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

´╗┐Paige's Place opens in Port Mansfield

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

"Celebrating Paige!" shouted someone in the crowd of people who'd gathered for the ceremony. The home at 416 North Shore Drive had been renovated to accommodate people in wheelchairs so they can go fishing on the pier behind the house.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

"I am really good friends with Paige's mom," said Nancy Csabi.

Snyder said he was amazed by the response from the public, including local residents.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

"She was a really beautiful person," said Vela, 25. "She always wanted to be out and meeting new people, and now in this house people can come in and she can meet new people."

the pillows they were turned back to reveal bright pink.

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

He said it's been tough dealing with the loss of his mother but he's determined to persevere.

colorful comforters.

"It feels really great actually," said Brooke, 21, who lives in San Antonio. "It's just everybody's been talking Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures about this for so long. She really liked to fish. It's really nice for people to come and share all this with her, because I know she would really like this."

"Paige is smiling down from heaven," Snyder said. "That's what matters most, and her parents too."

Soccer Cleats Vs Baseball Cleats Pictures

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