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It just all so depressing. No wonder alcoholism is so high up here. Adding to insult to injury: I just got turned down from a job I always got, one that my Dad did in his youth up here, by a new less than 1 year here from Ontario, who probably (and pretentiously) calls himself a Yukoner now, Starbucks and all. So much for forestry this year. I suppose my educational and occupational history didn stack up to his quantitative requirements or match his mechanical Ontarian mind eye of what Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats that position required in a person. Never knew having a memory could be a curse, and now I am starting to wonder if alcohol is the only coping mechanism of life in this new political area called Where is the bright side of this story, the silver lining? Is there one? Someone should re do George Grant of a Nation though perhaps name it of a Territory. The Yukon government is simply playing their role as required by Ottawa. I have not researched fracking in the Yukon, but I read Yukon Electric is gearing up to use natural gas, so I could assume that they know something for certain that we don or simply fall back on the fact that Ottawa has mapped the Yukon for mining, because the north is, for a whole lot of reasons, a strategic part of a long term economic plan, drafted and approved by Ottawa (who are competing and forming important economic alliances Soccer Cleats New 2017

to develop the Peel, you have religated the Yukon to a draconian state.

Reports surfaced on Twitter and Facebook Wednesday that Elias was deleting the comments of constituents about the Peel off of his personal Facebook page.

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

But mining groups oppose the Yukon new plan, too, saying conditions on development are too restrictive and will make many mining project uneconomic.

You should be thankful there are people out there that care about these important issues. Almost all have jobs, families and responsibilities yet make the time to ensure this country remains a decent place in which to live and bring up children. If that counts as being a whiner then count me (and likely the majority of Canadians) in. What do you class yourself Football Shoes Size 7

What is it with Peel Protesters and stupid looking hats? Is it just me or is there parking lot full of Subaru and Toyota with coffins strapped on the roof right near by? You talk about a gathering of your stereotypical whiners. These same people are at every protest you can think of. No Fracking, ATV Snowmobiles, Trails, Green spaces, Occupy movement, Pipelines, Oil drilling, Logging, Gay Lesbian Transgendered, You name it. Don they have a job? How do you find time for all of that if you are being a financial contributor to society and your family?

That is evidence that the government has found the balance it was looking for, said Pasloski.

Pasloski said he hopes the people who came out to protest will take the time to read the government plan.

He said he will not comment on the government plan or the legal action against it until he has had a chance to meet with his constituents, which he hopes to do soon.

communities rallied Wednesday in opposition to the government plan and in support of the lawsuit launched by First Nations seeking to strike it down.

A group of teenagers showed up early, on a lunch break from school, and played a dance game while they waited for the rally to start. They wore signs that said feel ignored, feel unheard, feel betrayed. Several of the people who lined up for their chance to speak spoke in their aboriginal languages.

First Nations and conservation groups are in favour of the planning commission final recommended plan, which called for protection from roads and development in 80 per cent of the area.

in the G8/G20). Mining the Peel is a certainty because money talks. In the end the majority will believe what we are told (right or wrong), and the minority will simply fall in line. Statistically speaking, this is a fact.

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

This is whats wrong with the Yukon today. The same people that bitch about not having work want to stop mining or tourism. The same people that bitch don understand that if it was not for business they would lose there fancy government jobs. So lets stop all mining and tourism in the Yukon send all the yuppies back to where they came from. Then we would just have the old Yukon back the way it was no more wasteful spending by government workers and the drop in the population would save the Yukon

This conflict over the Peel is one of several recent battles with First Nations over questions of land and resource development in the Yukon.

believe that there are a lot more things that unite the governments than divide these governments. He cited as examples the recent partnership agreement with the Carcross/Tagish First Nation to bring commercial developments to the area and a number of other agreements recently signed with Yukon First Nations.

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

think if the media, if citizens actually sit down and look at what the plan says, I think that will answer a lot of questions for people. Yukon Party MLA Darius Elias, for the riding of Vuntut Gwitchin, attended the rally.

what we have here is both ends of the spectrum, not happy. And I think that speaks a lot to what we were trying to achieve. At least 300 people came out to the Whitehorse rally Wednesday afternoon.

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats


O Canada played over the speakers as a Protect the Peel flag was raised over the legislative building, between the Canadian and Yukon flags.

I always thought that a politicians job was to listen and be the voice of the people, not the voice of a meglomaniac. Paslowski, get your priorities straight. If the people say yes, your answer must be yes. If the people say no, then your answer must be no. Otherwise we dissintegrate into a dictatorship. I don know who made you think that you are the god of The Yukon, but you aren and the sooner you realize that because of your misguided law Nike Shoes Soccer Mercurial

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

When asked if his government has a plan to repair relationships with First Nations, Pasloski said he disagrees with the premise that the relationships are in need of repair.

The government plan opens 71 per cent of the region to new mineral staking.

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

´╗┐Pasloski responds to Peel protests

read this unhealthy dialogue and don understand and they get downright concerned. The Vuntut Gwitchin government stands with the other three affected First Nations in support of the planning commission final recommended plan.

was good to see people come out, it shows they care about their territory, he wrote in an email Thursday.

Just Say Fracking, ATV's, Snowmobiles, Trails, Green spaces, Occupy movement, Pipelines, Oil drilling, Logging, Gay Lesbian Transgendered, You name it

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

Soccer Cleats Vs Rugby Cleats

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