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Staff determined it would be unsafe to allow all the Swim Club, public lap swimmers and recreational swimming simultaneously, Bowen said.

Chris Wieczorek supported opening the larger pool up to uses other than lap swimming in the evening during the week.

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"What am I missing? Why can't you do both?" asked Judy Hanley.

Committee Chairman James Crowley said the Park District received more than 80 emails on the subject since it was broached in November, and about 60 percent of those were against eliminating public lap swim. hours.

"I have two young children and work all day, and my wife works all day, so basically after we get home from work in the evening, Monday through Friday, is our opportunity to come to the pool with our two young children and help them practice swimming," Wieczorek said. "And the zero depth pool, if that's what it's called, doesn't cut it."

"It was not our idea at all to eliminate the lap swimming," said Evita Vulgaris, who supported allowing recreational use of the Olympic pool during weekday evenings. "We're the taxpayers, and I think we by no means intended to pit one group of users against another."

sized outdoor swimming pool. The group was willing to alter its time in the pool, but staff was unable to find a schedule that worked for Nike Football Shoes Neymar

"They are part of the community, too," Bowen said, adding the group helped support a $10 million referendum 10 years ago to build the Olympic Nike Football Shoes 2017 Ronaldo

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all the various users, he said.

eliminating the hours during weekday evenings would result in a decrease in memberships, and therefore revenue, for the Wilmette Park District.

"I don't know if this is about encouraging new membership or retaining membership, something of that nature. Soccer Shoes Jordan You'll lose probably as many people as you'll gain," Bennewitz estimated.

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Soccer Shoes Jordan

Lap swimmer Kirk Bennewitz said he believed Nike Soccer Boots For Women

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Commissioner Gary Benz, one of three members of the Centennial Committee, said lap swimmers don't have other options that recreational swimmers do, like visiting the beach or a smaller pool.

"They can't splash around somewhere else," Benz said. weekday hours are the only time he/she can get to the pool, since he leaves town early in the morning for work. "I would not be able to use the pool at all if lap swimming was not available during these hours."

Park District Superintendent of Facilities Jeffrey Bowen said the New Trier Swim Club a private group of competitive swimmers of all ages from around the area is made up of about 40 percent Wilmette residents.

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´╗┐Park District decides not to change pool hours for lap swimmers

Several lap swimmers suggested that recreational swimmers could use the other pools at the facility, like the zero depth pool with water slides.

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After making waves by considering the elimination of public lap swim during weekday evenings at its outdoor pool, Wilmette Park District officials decided to stick with the status quo. each weeknight to open swimming. Such a change would have required taking one of the five lanes used by the New Trier Swim Club, and eliminating the three lanes open to the public for lap swim.

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