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"It's similar to a non binding arbitration process, where a recommendation is made by an administrative judge after testimony is taken," Pachenik said. "A final decision is made only after both sides have had an opportunity to comment on them and even make further submissions."

Marbach Kellet gave the county 21 days to submit objections for inclusion in the materials that she will send to the State Human Rights Division for a final decision.

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´╗┐Panel rules in favor of former jail employee

"It's not like a civil trial where a judgment is rendered and that's the end of it," he said. "The proposed findings and recommendation have to be submitted to the Division of Human Rights Commission to decide what they want to do."

The officers named in the complaint constituted two groups, or cliques, including officers Timmy Hayes, David Hayes, Jimmy Suriano, Jamie Kozowsil, Joe Bruno, Jay Burns. The complaint also included Sergeants John Hayes, Mark Piche, David Higgett, David Connell.

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

officers as "bitches." The decision found that the group had a reputation for "bullying" other officers.

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

corrections officers named in the complaint.

said Abbot Seabury was one of the top officers at the jail before the harassment began.

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

The decision stems from an October 2010 complaint Abbot Seabury made to the New York State Division on Human Rights alleging a pattern of sexual harassment she endured at the hands of a clique of Nike Football Shoes Hypervenom Price In India

A sheriff's department spokeswoman said all of the officers are still currently employed at the jail except for Piche, who resigned while and is under investigation for allegedly misappropriating union funds. Piche was also recently arrested for criminal impersonation, after flashing his old badge during a traffic stop.

The decision is a "proposed" one, according to the text of the document issued by Administrative Law Judge Christine Marbach Kellet, based on testimony by Lora Abbot Seabury, a former sergeant at the jail.

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

TROY A Bronx based administrative judge is recommending that a state panel award a jail guard $950,000 for suffering sexual harassment at the Rensselaer County jail, according to the decision.

Pachenik said the process could last another two months.

"The proof established that for a substantial period of time, Lora Abbot was tormented by a group of officers at the jail, that she reported it and that there were no actions taken to stop it," he said. "She reached a point where she was physically sick, she was throwing up in the parking lot, she was crying at work and she was crying at home."

Abbot Seabury's attorney, Kevin Luibrand, said the decision was a validation.

The group was known as "The Boys Club," and was know for referring to other officers as "fags" or "faggots," and female Football Shoes With Metal Studs

The award recommendation also instructs the county to contribute to Abbot Seabury's retirement for a period of seven years.

Abbot made several claims of harassment, all of which stemmed from a running dispute with William Fenton, a sergeant at the jail, over a 2007 incident in which Fenton allegedly groped her buttocks and breasts.

Abbot eventually stopped working at the jail, surrendering her $87,000 per year job due to the atmosphere at work.

In a worker's compensation claim, a state board found she'd suffered post traumatic stress, along with emotional and psychological injury and awarded her $600 per week.

"She loved the jail, and working there, until all this started," Luibrand said, adding that Abbot Seabury's scoring record on exams consistently placed her high among those seeking promotion.

"She finished tops on her tests for corrections officers, and sergeant, and finished first on the lieutenant's Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho test," he said. "And this group ended her career."

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

Marbach Kellet's decision on Monday recommends the county pay Abbot $950,000 in back wages, penalties and an award for emotional distress.

County attorney Stephen Pachenik says the issue is still subject to litigation, calling Marbach Kellet's findings a recommendation only.

In her testimony Abbot described an atmosphere of "fear, dread and foreboding, as an emotional breakdown."

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Soccer Shoes Ronaldinho

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